Panasonic RX-5150

Panasonic RX-5150

Introduced in 1982 this is the Panasonic RX-5150 also known as the Disco 50.  It had a fairly standard boombox design with some nice chrome trim rings around the speaker grills and weighed in at around 13 pounds so it wasn’t an exceptionally large boombox. It had a list price of $249.95.  It featured:

  • Two 6 1/2 inch woofers and two 1 1/4 inch tweeters
  • Soft Touch Controls
  • Ambience Stereo
  • 7 Stage LED Meter
  • Rewind Auto-Play
  • Tape Program Sensor (TPS)
  • Dual Voltage
  • Loudness

The Panasonic RX-5150 was also featured in the 1982 movie The Thing by John Carpenter. The character “Nauls” was always skating around on roller skates and listening to his RX-5150 with the volume too high. A definite influence from the urban disco era.

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5 thoughts on “Panasonic RX-5150

  1. I need a power supply for my 5150………….. does anyone know where I can get one ??? Thanks – J

  2. These boxes are overrated. They use pizeo tweeters which produce almost zero sound. You’re better off getting a 5250 which has real cone tweeters.

  3. Can any tell me what the Le stands for after the RX 5150 LE mine has a fine tune button on the side below the tuner button and is different on the back. Any help would be great Many thanks Kenny

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