Panasonic RX-5040

Panasonic RX-5040

Most of you are probably familiar with the big Panasonic boomboxes such as the RX-7000, the RX-5600 and the RX-5500. Well, here is their little lost brother the Panasonic RX-5040 which was offered in the late 1970’s. It’s a minimal entry level boombox with just a few features.  As you can see it is a single cassette box with AM and FM band radio.  It also features a 4 way LED meter system for AM/FM tuning and battery levels. It was actually one of the first boomboxes to utilize an LED meter for batter and signal strength.

Panasonic RX-5040 Top

The RX-5040 weighs in at just over 10 pounds and measures 15.25″ x 4.325″ x  9″.  Obviously this boombox wouldn’t be at the top of any collectors want list but it does represent the bottom end of the Panasonic line. And, it is a nice minimalist looking box as well. These sell for around $50.00 in good working and cosmetic condition.

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