Panasonic RX-5080

Panasonic RX-5080

This boombox is the Panasonic RX-5080. It’s a mid-80’s mid-sized boombox with a single cassette. It did however have a two color LED meter and what Panasonic called “Ambience Stereo Sound”. It originally retailed for about $220.00

The RX-5080’s dimensions are 21 x 10.5 x 7 inches and it weighs in at around 13 pounds. It has features such as Dolby noise reduction, soft-touch controls, a two way four speaker system and continuous tape control. In working condition they sell for around $50. One that had been restored recently sold for $379 (9-2019).

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5 thoughts on “Panasonic RX-5080

  1. Rode my Chromoly Mongoose BMX bike all over the Jersy shore with this unit on my shoulder back in the early 80s. (what would kids today who complain about their smartphone being too cumbersome at times think of about 15lbs on their shoulder just to hear good music. lol)

    If anyone has or knows of a very good or better condition RX-5080 for sale please feel free to contact me. I would love to have one in a case on my wall for nostalgia.
    Those were some “Good ole days” for sure…. (Amazing website for us gen-Xrs btw. Thank You)
    MrJohnPalermo at

  2. I just bought a fully working in near mint condition one with all the knobs and everything working for 30 bucks!

  3. I found one of these at a church rummage sale, and paid $3.95 Canadian. Almost completely mint and even the cassette mech works well.

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