Sharp GF-9494

Sharp GF-9494

This is the Sharp GF-9494. While it tends to have some rather plain styling it is still a very sought after box as most of the big Sharp boomboxes are. As you can see it has a single cassette deck and two large 18cm woofers. It puts out 22 watts.  Some of its features include:

  • AM/FM/SW 1/SW 2
  • Four Way Integrated Dynamic Sound Speaker System
  • Two Vu meters
  • Two condenser Microphones
  • Telescoping antenna
  • Slide Controls
  • Tape Counter
  • LED’s
  • Runs on 4 “D” cell batteries
Sharp GF-9494 back

Recent sales for the GF-9494’s have been around the $300.00 range with a fully functional and cosmetically nice unit going for $330.00 in July of 2011.

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