Panasonic SG-J500

Panasonic SG-J500

I’ve posted about the Panasonic SG-J555 before so I thought I’d mention the Panasonic SG-J500 here.  The SG-J500 was produced in 1984 and, like the SG-J555, featured an expandable tray with a turntable.  You just push the button on the front and out pops the turntable. The box was also branded as National.  The main difference between the SG-J500 and the SG-J555 is that the SG-J555 has what Panasonic called “Ambience” which is essentially a sound expander. The SG-J555 also had some minor aesthetic changes but really both units are very similar.  The turntable can run at both 33 and 45 speeds. It also came with an optional car adapter cable, part Panasonic RP-952, that allowed you to power the unit through your cars cigarette lighter.

Panasonic SG-J500 Back

The unit was powered by either 100 AC or D cell batteries.  It weighs approximately 11 pounds and measures 15.5 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches.  Obviously it’s a little deeper then most boomboxes because of the turntable.

The Panasonic SG-J500 is a pretty popular boombox. Not just among collectors but also among retro fanatics that want a unique conversation piece. The retractable turntable gives them just that. These boxes will sell anywhere from $80.00 in below average condition all the way up to $250.00 in mint working condition.

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    1. ANY. Literally, just about any detachable power cable that looks like it has a female figure eight end on the opposite side as the 110 two prong plug. Sounds simple,cause it really sort of is. Finding a boombox,unless it’s like one of the early Sanyo’s etc.that had its AC cord hardwired to the unit is considered by..well..this guy anyways who has a collection of over 100 boxes and counting, and has more boxes then he does power cables for them..My advice Goodwill!

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