Panasonic RX-5350

Panasonic RX-5350

One of Panasonic’s better offerings in the boombox genre was the Panasonic RX-5350. It was also branded as National. It has an upside down design with the tuning and controls at the bottom of the unit instead of at the top like most traditional boxes.

Panasonic RX-5350 Speaker

Originally priced at $489.95 in 1983 it featured a single cassette, 5 band equalizer, two 8″  8 ohm speakers, required 10 D cell batteries and weighed in at 27 pounds.

Panasonic RX-5350 Knobs

It put out 40 watts (2 x 20 per channel) RMS. It’s dimensions are 24.8 x 15.7 x 6.3 inches.

Panasonic RX-5350 Back
  • Normal/Cr/Fe)
  • VU-Meter Display
  • TPS 3-Index
  • Phone/Aux in/out, FM/Micm Mix
Panasonic RX-5350 Inputs

The Panasonic RX-5350 is one of the rarer Panasonic boomboxes and has sold for $1800 at auction. Most average units sell for around $700. It’s on most collectors must have lists.

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