Toshiba RT-200 S

Toshiba RT-200s


Toshiba made quite a few boomboxes over the years and one of the more popular was the Toshiba RT-200s or BomBeat DR-01.  It hit the market in 1982 with a price tag of around $239.99 which made it a good value in the mid-range boombox market. It features nearly 5 inch woofers and 1.5 inch tweeters.  It weighs nearly 10 pounds and measures 18 x 10 x 5 inches.


Toshiba RT-200s Front


The styling is a little different with the interesting speaker grill effects and Mercedes emblem style tweeter covers.  The triangular plastic covers for the Forward and Reverse LED meters are interesting as well.  I believe there is also an RT-200 model without the S designation. The RT-200s has FF/AM/SW1, and SW2.  The RT-200 has FM/AM/SW and LW so the distinction is possibly the extra SW band.


Toshiba RT-200s Back


While Toshiba made some good boomboxes they still aren’t in as much demand as say a similar JVC or Sharp.  Still, the RT-200’s sell for about $70.00 to $125.00 in good working condition.

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