Hitachi TRK-8190

Hitachi TRK-8190


This is a nice Hitachi TRK-8190 from around 1980.  It’s styling is nice and clean and gives it a high end look.  The white tuning dial face and angled slider caps add to the feel.  I also like the way they mounted the cassette control buttons.  The TRK-8190 measures 21 x 12 x 6.5 inches and weighs nearly 17 pounds which is pretty heavy for a box this size so I would suspect its build quality is pretty good.  I believe it retailed for about $350.00.


Hitachi TRK-8190 Mid


You can see above the Program button is the DRPS logo and a digital display.  The DRPS system hears and counts the space between tracks so that the user can specify a program and the machine will skip to the appropriate track.  Up to 9 tracks can be programmed.


Hitachi TRK-8190 Left


The TRK-8190 features a 2 way four speaker high sensitivity system with FM, AM, and SW bands.  It also has Bias, EQ, and Dolby switches. It also has a dial light which probably looks very nice with the white dial and meter face.


Hitachi TRK-8190 Top


The Hitachi boomboxes don’t bring big dollars on the resale market but there is still some demand for them.  I’ve seen the TRK-8190 sell for nearly $80.00 in unworking but excellent cosmetic condition.  So, I’m sure a fully functioning unit would fetch quite a bit more.


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