Toshiba RT-200 S

 Toshiba made quite a few boomboxes over the years and one of the more popular was the Toshiba RT-200s or BomBeat DR-01.  It hit the market in 1982 with a price tag of around $239.99 …

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Toshiba RT-SF5

This little guy is the Toshiba RT-SF5. It was manufactured sometime around 1982-1984. It has the following features: 2-way 4-speaker system 4-band radio with AM/FM/SW1/SW2. fm-stereo stereo microphone input mode-mono/stereo/stereo(wide) auto-reverse cassette recorder with soft …

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Toshiba Bombeat WX-1

The Toshiba WX-1 BomBeat, the Japanese version being the RT-S983 was famous for being a three piece unit with two detachable passive radiator speakers. It also featured two cassette decks and a graphic equalizer known …

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