Toshiba Bombeat WX-1

Toshiba Bombeat WX-1

The Toshiba WX-1 BomBeat, the Japanese version being the RT-S983 was famous for being a three piece unit with two detachable passive radiator speakers. It also featured two cassette decks and a graphic equalizer known as the Automatic Dynamic Range Expansion System.  It has fantastic mixing and editing capabilities.

  • Dimensions: 29.1 x 14.9 x 7.1 inches
  • FM MW SW2 SW1
  • 12 cm woofers
  • 4 cm tweeters
  • 16 cm passive woofers
  • Fine tuning control
  • Dial light
  • LED indicators for power/batt.
  • Two telescopic antennas
  • Separate L + R volume
  • Two VU meters
  • Nor/CrO2/Metal bias
  • Inputs Front: Mic (rec./play), Rec. monitor (tape A), phono & aux in, phones
  • Inputs Rear: ext. antenna screw terminals in, mic. in, aux & phono in
  • 32 W  power consumption

In very good working condition the Bombeat WX-1 will sell for up to $600.00.

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