Sharp VZ-2000


The Sharp VZ-2000 is one of the more interesting boomboxes as it had a built in turntable as well as a cassette. In fact, you don’t even need to flip the LP over to play the other side with its dual stylus linear tracking turntable. It hit the markets around 1982 and became popular because you could record LP to cassette.

Dimensions 27 x 17 x 7 inches

Weight – 36.5 pounds

10 D size batteries

The Sharp VZ2000 can go for $300 – $800 and will most likely continue to climb in value over time.

Right Now on eBay 
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21 thoughts on “Sharp VZ-2000

  1. I just bought one of these at a local sale. It is in perfect working order, but I cannot find ANY record any single one of these for sale anywhere – or what the latest few sold for. Help?

  2. I also found one that sold on Ireland eBay for $545.00 back in March of 2010. It was in good working order according to the seller but was missing a few of the slider knobs.

  3. Hi
    My husband does house clearances and has come across a Sharp vz-2000. Its brand new never been used, was wondering how much to put it on ebay for, or if i would do better putting it in an aution or carboot sale.

    1. I think there would be enough demand for a new vz-2000 that you would get a good price on eBay. Just be sure to test all it’s functions and be very detailed in your description. Oh, and take a lot of pictures. The better the boombox is described the better your results will be. Good luck!

  4. i have a vz2000 .got it for 50. i think the belts fell of and it may need a new ac power but the dc works.

    can they be fixed? i heard opening them up is super hard!

  5. webmaster,that ebay item is now mine!!£55.bargin!.its in good condition,but the record deck seems a bit slow.they definitely didnt put it in the right good luck

  6. Okay, Opened mine up finally – from the FRONT, not the back…I think THAT is the major misconception of working on this. The whole turntable easily comes out and lays flat. I was able to re-attach the belt easily AND lube up with spindle that keeps the needle moving. It is up and working now! Just missing a few slider knobs and the tape player needs a clip to hold the left spindle down, so I will begin looking for parts. THIS IS FOR SALE by me. $500 plus shipping if ANYONE is interested. It will have to be professionally packed as the components are fragile. I’ll probably list on Ebay today. This has been a fun one – I often debate whether or not to KEEP IT!

  7. glad to say i recently WON a SHARP VZ-2000 on ebay for only,,,,,,,,,89 POUNDS
    an extrordinary bargain i thought.
    2 years ago i saw one with a few knobs missing ]like mine too a few nobs missing] sold for 350 POUNDS so to get mine 2 years later for 89 pounds im estatic thank u ebay i love you .
    rob savage

    1. Wow! That really is a good deal. Hopefully someone will part one out and put the knobs on ebay. It’s pretty common for those boxes to be missing a slider knob or two. Also, check out this thread at Stereo2go. The guy makes resin copies of the VZ-2000 sliders. You’d probably just need to paint them. Good buy!

  8. I have a fully working vz 2000, its mint, no sliders or knobs missing, turntable plays both sides, tape deck is perfect, all the meter lights still work, anyone want to make an offer before i put it on eBay???

  9. Dear Simon,

    I would like to offer you £200.00 + i pay for the postage if its still for sale.


    Please let me know either way

  10. I went to a moving sale. I was looking around and came across a VZ-2000, I am listening to the Stereo Radio, what a sound. Anyway, I tried the tape deck and it does not rotate the tape, and has a loud static noise, I tried the record phono, I placed a LP, but nothing happens, I think some of the buttons are not working etc. It does not move, I can hear a clicking noise.

    Going to take it to a Sharp or Electronics repair shop and see what they say, but after I look it over really good myself.

  11. I found one at a church rummage sale for $25 US. The turntable circuit board is cracked/broken. Any body have a spare turntable board for sale?

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