National RX-5350

The National RX-5350 has two 8 inch speakers and two tweeters. It features:

  • Single Cassette
  • 5 band equalizer
  • Measures 28″W 16″H 7″D
  • Uses 10 D size batteries
  • 2 band radio AM/FM
  • VU meter display
  • TPS 3 song index search
  • Phone/Aux in/out
  • FM/Mic Mix in
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One thought on “National RX-5350

  1. This box was my baby I carried it everywhere it helped build up my 19″ arms I won many a battle with her I took out a Sharp gf777 and a Jvc m90 of my good freinds also battled a Conion c-100f but it was too close to call we both say that we won?

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