Sanyo Robo 01

Sanyo Robo

Ok, so you thought you had seen all the Sanyo boomboxes huh?  Have you seen this Sanyo Robo-01?  Given its colors and styling it was obviously made for the younger boombox crowd. And I mean young!  In fact, Sanyo had an entire line of Robo products, all with similar styling, that were designed “for curious KIDS”.

Sanyo Robo Top

I’m not sure about the specs on this unit.  I see the other Robo products fairly often but not the boombox. I do know it was produced around 1987-1988.

Sanyo Robo Back

I’m not sure how any boombox collection could possibly be complete without this box in it. And, if you have a child that you want to introduce to boomboxes maybe this is the way to go.   : )

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