Sanyo MT4200

Sanyo MT4200

This Sanyo MT4200 looks like it’s built like a tank. Manufactured in 1978 it features a single cassette as well as a small TV screen.  It has AM and Fm radio bands and VHF and UHF TV bands. There were a number of boomboxes that came out in the late 70’s and early 80’s that incorporated TV’s into their design. This particular Sanyo looks rugged enough to be used outdoors but states on the back that it is for indoor use only.

Sanyo MT4200 Top

Here you can see the cassette mechanism on the top of the box with the controls just above the TV screen. I can’t really tell how large that screen is but it can’t be more than 4 inches or so.  The whole box weighs in at roughly 20 pounds and has an extensible 4 foot antenna.

Sanyo MT4200 Back

I would suspect that it would be fairly difficult to find one of these in perfect working order given that it has a TV, a cassette and analog meters. One in just such condition sold for $250.00 (7-23-12).

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