Panasonic RX-5500

Here we have the Panasonic RX-5500. This model was issued in 1980-81 and had a single cassette and dual LED meters. It was originally priced at around $749.00.

One just recently sold for just over $700 so they do have some collectible value. They weren’t to big a boombox at about 11.5 inches tall and 18.5 inches wide.

Here’s a great magazine ad with Earth, Wind & Fire each holding a box.


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4 thoughts on “Panasonic RX-5500

  1. I have one for sale in Edmonton, Canada if anyone is interested… National Panasonic RX-5500 F… in great working condition… reach me at recordselector @

  2. Hi. I need a cassette cover (Lid) for my RX5500 Panasonic or national BoomBox Ghetto Blaster. Let me know if you have. Thanks

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