Sony ZX-7

Sony ZX-7

This is probably one of the more rare Sony boomboxes and definitely has one of the cooler names.  It is the Sony ZX-7.  ZX-7 sounds fast and high tech, almost like a high end race car.  And, in fact, it actually lives up to its name.  It features a 1.4 multi-volt power supply and high quality Sony APM speakers. For its compact size it can really put out some bass as well.  It was released around 1984 and is probably one of the better looking and performing compact boomboxes of that era. Sony says that it puts out 5 watts per channel but most owners feel that it’s very loud for its size. Speaking of its size – it is small. It measures about 14 inches long and just a bit more than 4 inches tall and wide.

Sony ZX-7 Panel

Note on the closeup of the panel above that the tuning scale starts at 76 and goes up to 108 which is a little strange for FM.  The buttons also have a nice dimpled texture to them to make is easier to use them.  The ZX-7 manual claims the unit weighs in at around 2.7 kilos or about 6 pounds which is fairly heavy for a compact box like this.

Sony ZX-7 Top

The design of the box is very rectangular and Sony used flat square speaker wide range cones to add to that effect  as well. It also incorporated Dolby Noise Reduction B.

The ZX-7 also came with a very cool case in which it fits snugly. The boombox is hard enough to find as it is but the case is even harder to find and definitely adds significant value to the box.

Sony ZX-7 Bag

Here’s a picture from the Sony manual showing the ZX-7 in its carrying case.  Nice!

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Right Now on eBay 
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7 thoughts on “Sony ZX-7

      1. There have only been a few sales on eBay of the ZX-7 over the last year. A couple were for parts only. The highest was for $289. Here’s the list:

        Boombox Sony ZX-7 Stereo Cassette-Corder Recorder FM AM Radio $80.00

        SONY Stereo Cassette-Corder ZX-7 (Vintage 80’s) $104.50

        Sony ZX-7 Stereo Cassette Boombox Parts/Not Working $120.00

        Boombox Sony ZX-7 Stereo Cassette-Corder Recorder FM AM Radio $184.99

        Sony ZX-7 Stereo Cassette Recorder AM/FM Radio Tested Working $289.00

  1. I currently have this model with original power supply manual and carry bag very reluctant to list as ive not seen a single one listed with the original carry bag so what does this mean the bundle would be worth

  2. Hello,

    I have a SONY ZX-Y that I bought in the 1980’s, used it in my NYC apartment and (sadly) on construction jobs at the time. For the last 40 years I’ve lugged from apartment to house to house, etc. The unit still worked towards the end of my construction days but the power supply input broke so I retired it. But it had such a great sound so I kept it.

    Now I would like to see if it can be revived/restored. I can clean it up, but I would pay someone to fix the rest. Any ideas?

    Thank you,


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