Sansui Shogun JSA-185

Sansui Shogun JSA-185

 Those of you who know your boomboxes will immediately recognize this unit as the Conion C-126f. However, it is badged as a Sansui Shogun JSA-185 Super Jumbo 60. Quite an impressive name. From what I can tell it is exactly the same as the Conion with the exception of the name. It has the burglar alarm, the dual cassette decks with auto revere etc.

Sansui Shogun JSA-185 Panel

The box measures 29 1/2″ W X 18″ H (top of handle) X 5 3/4″ D and uses 10 D size batteries.  It puts out 14 watts per channel and features 20 cm woofers.

Sansui Shogun JSA-185 Back

Given its similarity to the Conion I would expect it to sell for around the same price which seems to be the case. This unit which had a few performance issues with crackling speakers and some aesthetic wear sold for just over $200 (Aug 2012).  Fully functioning and in good cosmetic condition I would expect it would sell for around $400.00.

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