Conion TC-999

The Conion Technisonic TC-999 was another giant boombox from Conion. It features:

* 4-Band Stereo
* Double Cassette
* Cassette Recorder
* Burglar Alarm
* 10 D size batteries
* AC 120/220/240v selectable

It measures 29 x 15 inches. It is very similar to Conion’s C-100F and has the same design for the knobs and switches. LL Cool J made this boombox popular with the following picture…

The TC-999 sells for $300 to $700 depending on condition.

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One thought on “Conion TC-999

  1. Hi you doing? I need a power cord and a small knob for the Conion Technisonic TC-999. Do you have them or know where I can get them? At least one or the other. Thank you for your time and any information

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