National RX-7700

National RX-7700

This is the National RX-7700.  It was also known as the National Panasonic RX-7700 and the National RS-4360. It featured FM as well as 4 shortwave bands. It has a single cassette and requires 10 D size batteries. It also has some interesting pop-up mics on the top of the box.


It was introduced in 1982. It also had 3 Vu meters, dual antennas, Dolby noise reduction and Normal, CrO2 and FeCr cassette settings.  There was a recent sale $836 in May of 2019.

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4 thoughts on “National RX-7700

  1. I have a Panasonic RX-1000 BoomBox but needs a new power Transformer. The original was leaking. The tough part is that they don’t make them any more. Any ideas??
    The transformer is a 5 phase. They only sell 3 phase transformers now.


    Can I run it only with batteries, even though I removed the AC power transformer?

  2. I have a RX-7700 that works great! The tape deck works however the buttons are crooked and one of the antennas is stuck inside, but other than that it works and sounds great. Works on batteries too! Looking to sell make me an offer.

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