JVC RC-M90 Sells For Nearly $4500!

A recent ebay auction of a JVC RC-M90 boombox resulted in a nearly $4500.00 sale price. The RC-M90 is a fairly difficult box to find any way but this one happened to be in exceptionally good condition. On top of that it included some of the hard to find accessories such as the original box, original owners manual, sealed JVC demonstration tape, and the ever elusive remote control.  The boombox has very few signs of wear and could almost be considered like new with just some wear around the power switch. The boombox seems to work perfectly as well.

JVC RC-M90 Boombox Sale

The RC-M90 was sold by the guys at AnalogAlley.com who are also known for selling boombox service manuals. You can find more info on the boombox HERE. The sale price is a good indicator of the value of this boombox in top end condition and should set the precedent for other high end boombox sales for awhile to come.  Bidding involved a number of buyers up to around $4000.00 and then the final two bidders pushed the final price to $4494.33. The lucky buyer will get to add this coveted boombox to their collection.

Right Now on eBay 
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11 thoughts on “JVC RC-M90 Sells For Nearly $4500!

  1. Incredible site ,very well done , this is what I do on paper as for eBay sales of Blasters, I’m sure your on the forums ,were I have had issues, and with your obvious love of boombox,,,this make you a prince among those forum thugs. I do not like anything that I be seen or experience on the forums,,,So I would like to aplogized ,if you are one of the persons I had trouble with and wish to extend a hand of friendship ,as I am and will continue to collect next 10 years at least.. if you have not seen my collection , it’s,,,”America Largest boombox ghettoblaster Collection “part 1&2 3 to come. I am not audiophile , really listen to them ,,,I collect for the design element,,thusly not all working perfect, and I have collected variety, quantity ,,,most of the other collectors have a issue with perfection and this is not my aim. Bryan

  2. I am a lucky owner of a rc m90 ,a bought it in Amsterdam in the Netherlands sometime in 1989 for about 1000guilders almost in mint condition,the sound quality from this boombox is beyond imagination,.

  3. i have an m-90 jvc boombox for sale it works great and is in good condition for 900 dollars call me@ 530-889-1740 for sale or trade for best offer

  4. Bought one of these when I was 16 and been to hell and back!Still sounds as good as the day I bought it,still listen too it,don’t makem like this anymore.

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