Bay Sound Disco Lite

Bay Sound Disco Lite

Here’s a small boombox with the disco lite features such as the black and gold colors and blinking disco lights.  It was made by Bay Sound and features FM and AM bands as well as a single cassette.  It also has a switch on the side of the box to turn the disco lights on and off.  Just like the larger disco lite boomboxes it’s lights blink to the beat of the music. I suppose if you couldn’t afford to buy the big Vela or Sigmatech Disco Lite boombox then this little guy would have to do. I’m not too sure how impressive it would be riding on your shoulder though.

Bay Sound Disco Lite Back

I guess it’s a fairly rare boombox as I’ve never seen one before but I’m not sure how desirable it is given it’s small size. Still, it’s a nice mini example of the Disco Lite era. One recently sold for $61.00 so it does have some value.

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