Hitachi TRK-8190

 This is a nice Hitachi TRK-8190 from around 1980.  It’s styling is nice and clean and gives it a high end look.  The white tuning dial face and angled slider caps add to the feel.  …

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Hitachi TRK-9100

This Hitachi TRK-9100 isn’t a big boombox nor is it an iconic collector’s box. But, it’s a good little entry level boombox with plenty of features. Probably its main feature is that it has two …

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The HITACHI TRK-8290 e, circa 1982, had Dolby Noise Reduction, two 4 1/2 inch woofers, a single cassette and a cue and review tape system.  It required 10 D cell batteries. It was roughly $200 …

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