The Classic Conion C-100F

conion c-100f

The Conion C-100F is one of the most sought after classic boomboxes. It was marketed under a few different names including the Helix HX-4365 and the Clairtone 7980 which I believe was marketed in Canada. Each version had slightly different looks but was essentially the same boombox. The Conion C-100F even had a proximity burglar alarm. It also has two shortwave channels. It’s a huge boombox that uses 10 D sized batteries and epitomizes the 1980’s boombox craze with it’s size, flashy lights and chrome knobs.  Apparently the early models were made by Cony-Onkyo in Kobe Japan but were later produced in Korea.  This box can reach over $1000 on eBay in very good condition and even just a Cassette door alone can reach over $100.

Released: 1984
Dimensions: 75.4cm x 40.1cm x 20.4cm
Weight: 12.0kg
Output: 45W (22.5W/channel)

I’ve learned that apparently there was another edition of the C-100F made in 1991 as a sort of re-issue. It looks essentially the same as the original C-100F but does not have the meters in the upper left hand corner and the tape run lights that the original model had are not incorporated either.  The original C-100F had machined knobs while the re-issue had all chrome knobs.  The re-issue can get louder than the original as well. Apparently the re-issue is fairly hard to find and one recently sold for $675.00 in semi-working condition.

Update 1: A Conion C-100FF in mint condition , other than the fact that one tape deck needed new belts, sold for $1634.00. I’m not exactly sure what the difference between the C-100F and C-100FF is. Perhaps someone will chime in and let us know.

Update 2: Another Conion C-100FF sold 3-11 for $1026.00. It was in good cosmetic shape but with a broken antenna and one non-functional tape deck.

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42 thoughts on “The Classic Conion C-100F

  1. I have the same one except is says Helix where the Conion emblem is. All original but has two knobs missing. I had to get the floor model in the day. I still love it and it still sounds great.

    1. Hi, give us some more info on it like condition, functionality and the price you are looking for it. Perhaps someone here will make an offer.

  2. Does anyone know what the original price was for one of these when it came out?

    I had one way back when, and I just bought one on eBay – lol!

  3. The re-issue is not louder and the sound is crappy compared to the ORIGINAL version made in Japan. The ONLY reason the price goes high on the cheaply made Korean version is because it is alot harder to find but trust me… it is made very cheap and not worth half the price.

  4. I have a Conion C100F now. I am trying to get it repaired. Places to repair it don’t seem to exist. I found 2 shops willing to take a look. It is in good cosmetic shape, all knobs , both antennae, bottom cassette door intact. I had one of the drivers replaced 20 years ago. I plugged it up and I get NOTHING. Anyone know where to get schematics? It would be great to get the ole girl pounding again, if not then I will probably sell it for parts.

    1. Hola yo tengo un Conion C-100F.
      Sabes de alquilen que tenga el esquema.

      Me llamo Diego

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      Te lo agradecería mucho y te daria una compensación.
      Te envío un Saludo!!!

  5. Update! I have just bought anotherConion c-100f for 300 dollars. The stereo and alarms work. It has all the knobs.The only things wrong is that it has no antena, the bottom tape storage drawer is gone and the bottom tape door is gone. The radio I originally owned has all of the things the second one is missing, as it is super nice cosmetically. Between the 2 I will get a working radio. Yay!!!

  6. Nice going Egotrip! It’s hard to find parts for these nowadays. And, when you do find them they are expensive. Are you going to part out the one Conion once you take the parts you need?

  7. I have one as listed above in very good condition and will sell to a serious buyer. Just e-mail me…Thank you.

  8. The C-100F was the first version and was 120 Volts AC only. The C-100FF was the second version and had switchable 120V/240V AC Selector.

  9. My wife found her old C-100F in her grandmother’s garage. It’s missing the power cord, tape deck door. Both antennas are broken off and some of the knobs are bent. Does anyone know if someone out there dose quality repairs on these things?

    1. It’s pretty common for the tape deck door and antennas to be broken on these units. Unfortunately that makes them fairly hard to find and expensive because they are in high demand. Still, if you check ebay regularly you might find one. You might try the Stereo2Go forum as well. Someone there might be parting one out. The parts aren’t usually cheap though. You might be able to replace the antenna and power cord with a non stock replacement. The guys at Stere2Go or Boomboxery would know. Good luck.

  10. The radio plays and is very load. The tape player works and has both doors,missing both antenna for sell.

  11. I am looking for conion c100f in Europe, anything for sale? Being from USA is ok, but shipping and taxes very expensive because is weight.

  12. I have a Helix model of the Conion 100f for sale. It needs belts for the tape deck, all knobs and buttons are on it, the alarm works. No signs of wear and tear at all…she was well taken care of. Anyone interested contact me at and make me an offer. She still sounds great !!! I just wsnt it to go to a good home !!!

  13. I have a Conion C100F for sale on Craigslist Atlanta. See description for more info.

    According to Specifications section of Instruction Manual, the F and FF model are identical (response to previous post).

  14. I’m looking for some small repairs for my Conion C100f. Can you assist me with location a place that sells the belts for the tape decks and maybe an antennae. Thanks

  15. I have a conion c100f just like the one above. The tape door is missing and the band need to be replace but other then that is works good.lf anyone interested make offer . bernard5248 at

  16. I have a con ion c 100f that I got brand new in 84 and was in mint condition the whole time I had it sold it to my uncle in 88 he had it for years and used it at his beach trailer and the cassette holder door got broken some scratches and broke a couple of knobs. I bought it back from him in 97 as a keepsake should have never sold to him looking for amount condition unabused version that I think was made by onkyo thanks

  17. I have a conion that is almost mint lower deck needs belts but everything else
    works. I added bluetooth receiver to the aux and plays well I would like to get
    the lower deck repaired with belts any suggestions ?

  18. I have a Conion C100F. The original woofers were replaced. When it was out back together after replacing the woofers the tape decks stopped working. Everything else works. Has the doors on the tape decks. Antenna is in tact. All lights and alarm works. Has the battery door. It is old so it is not cosmetically perfect. Still a very nice piece. If interested email me at ric.mun2 at I can send pics and a short video of it.

  19. I am offering a special Conion C-100F for sale. It is possibly the first one available for sale with the original box, and is in museum quality condition with most functions working. I found it in an elderly woman’s bedroom, facing her bed, directly next to her. She kept it as a shrine to her late husband, and had photos and candles on top of it. I believe the radio belonged to him. You can find more photos and information on my ebay page here:

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