Conion C-126F

Conion C-126F

This Conion C-126F is a close relative of the famous C-100F. It has basically the same features except that it has a gray colored case. It runs on 10 D cell batteries or an external DC power source. It has two cassette decks and two output light displays at the top right and left corners. Like it C-100F cousin it has a burglar alarm that is engaged via the large red button in the center of the box.

Conion C-126F Mid

Overall the C-126F is a very nice looking boombox. The styling is not over the top like other boomboxes and the brushed aluminum and gray case give it a more muted sophisticated look if that’s possible in a boombox. It is not that easy to find and can fetch a good price on the auction market. In December 2011 a C-126F in excellent working condition sold for $450.00.

Conion C-126 Box

I recently found a picture of the C-126 box which I thought was interesting so I posted it here.

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