Lasonic TRC-922


The Lasonic TRC-922 was of course manufactured by the Lasonic Electronics Corporation. It was introduced sometime around 1984. Lasonic made a few other models as well including the TRC-905, 908 909S 910B 911 920 922 926 928 931.
Lasonic has updated it’s original TRC-931 and is now making the i931 which has an iPod dock and can read USB thumb drives and flash memory cards as well.

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5 thoughts on “Lasonic TRC-922

  1. Lasonic TRC-922
    100_4031 Lasonic TRC-922 front1
    100_4034 Lasonic TRC-922 top
    100_4032 Lasonic TRC-922 back
    100_4033 Lasonic TRC-922 back close

  2. I have one of the trc-922’s i got as a kid and would be interested in buying one in good shape if anyone knows of one

  3. Hi, that’s one hell of a clean box. Just to clarify though, the TRC 922 was manufactured as early as 1984. I have original receipts for one being sold in Nov 1984 that came with mine.

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