Clairtone 7980

Clairtone 7980

This is the Clairtone 7980 which is really a re-branded Conion C-100F. Apparently the Clairtone brand was marketed mostly in Canada. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the two other than the badge. The same box was issued under the Helix brand as well. Nonetheless, this is one of the more iconic boomboxes of the era and is highly sought after these days.

Clairtone 7980 Back

Released in the mid 80’s it had all the features a boombox should have including a burlger alarm. It can get pretty loud with 22.5 watts per channel. they are fairly difficult to find in complete condition. Many are missing a knob or two and the battery compartment door and cassette door tend to break or get lost as well.

Clairtone Logo

As mentioned above the Conion and Clairtone boomboxes are in very high demand and can fetch some good money at auction. One recently sold (9-2019) for $1375.00 in very good condition.

Right Now on eBay 
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24 thoughts on “Clairtone 7980

  1. How much are you asking for your Clairtone 7980 and where are you located?
    It looks like one of the feet on the bottom is broken 🙁

    1. I don’t have a 7980 right now. I do have a C-100F and the later Korean version but I’m not letting those go yet.

  2. Hey everybody I have a complete fully functional clairtone 7980 even the original sticker on lower tape deck is mint .
    Everybody has a price mine reflects the rarity of my unit you should see her roar you name it she has it she has some battle scars she was no pussy officer strictly front line .
    I require a brand new dji phantom 4 a brand new mavic pro and a new dji inspire.
    There you go if you want her bad enough there’s the price of a legend . I win no matter what happens I love her to death but like I said everybody has a price. Peace out my friends

  3. Been looking for this particular boombox, had one years ago, was stolen, where can i find one in mint condition

  4. I have a clairtone 7980 vintage boom box for sale, please email me at Dakotah.winnicki at if interested! Can send pictures and what not I live in calgary alberta. Id prefer not to ship it, am willing to drive half way. Open to negotiations! Dont hesitate to ask

  5. I have a Clarion that was a demo in my audio store in the mid 80s and has been in storage since 1990. Fully functional and cosmetically a strong 8 out of 10..accepting offers

      1. Hey chuck. I have one I’m selling. As far as I know everything is working and everything is there. I can send you pictures if you want to email me. I live in Windsor Ontario canada

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