Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite

Dynasty ES-555

From the mid-80’s came the Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite also called the Dynasty Personal Disco Component. I guess if you wanted to get that disco club feeling out on the street then you had to get one of these boxes. Definitely designed more for the visual appeal then the audio appeal it can put on quite a show when lit up. It was released in 1986 and was on the market in the U.S in the late 80’s. The lights flash and pulse to the beat of the music being played.

Dynasty ES-555

The Dynasty ES-555 weighed in at around 20 pounds which is fairly light for a box this size. It was featured in a Madonna video called “Hung Up” in 2005 and her “Sorry” video as well. Lady Gaga recently used it in her video “Just Dance”.

  • Dimensions: 72cm x 37cm x 13cm
  • 22W Maximum Power
  • Twin Tape System
  • 7-Band Equalizer
  • AM/FM/SW1/SW2
  • 10 Segment VU Meter
Dynasty ES-555

This boombox was branded under a few other names as well including the:

  • DIAMOND FL-990
  • COUGAR JR-800

These boxes don’t come up for sale too often. Especially in fully functional condition. One recently sold for $1651.00 that was in excellent condition and fully functioning (10-2019).

Right Now on eBay 
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83 thoughts on “Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite

  1. Hi el
    I’m interested in a dynasty discolite if someone can email me pictures and price please

  2. Have one for sale Amazing condition and works perfect email me if interested ryanfrith95 at hotmail.com

  3. Merhaba
    Bende çok iyi durumda ve çok az kullanılmış inanılmaz güzellikte ve herşeyi çalışır durumda var.İsteyen varsa benimle iletişime geçebilir.

  4. I just bought Erbil’s Discolite boombox (mentioned in his posts below) and it arrived a couple of days ago after a shipping time of 42 days. It was an extremely long journey but it arrived in perfect condition. It is an amazing boombox and its flashing lights and LEDs are mesmerizing, especially at night. Thank you Erbil for selling it to me!

    Interestingly, it was sold under the Clip Sonic brand which I have never seen before on a Skitronic Discolite boombox. It is a little different than every other Discolite that I have seen so far. It was never sold in the US market so it only accepts 220 V AC power. It does not have a 120/220 V AC input selector switch on the back. Like every model Discolite that I have seen, it also has a socket on the back that accepts 15 V DC input. Also, the Clip Sonic version is the only one that I have seen that does not have gold plating surrounding the woofers. The plastic that surrounds the woofers that is normally plated gold in all other models is still there but it is unplated and in its natural black color. Maybe these differences make the Clip Sonic version a little more rare than the others. It is a little more subdued compared to the other brand Discolites since it’s not quite as flashy.

  5. I have a Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite in great condition and full working order for sale to the right home… Recently serviced with full working lights, radio tuner and cassette deck, as well as full working AUX connectors for iPod etc… Battery compartment and connections in perfect working order for over the shoulder 80s realness (vintage tech often has melted battery damage in battery compartments) and power chord for plugged in realities… Plenty of images and videos to show working/condition etc… Contact me for info: Lewisoswald@me.com

    1. Hello Lewis,
      I see you mentioned that your ES-555 was recently serviced. Were repairs done by you? I have one that has tape decks inoperable at the moment. I’m decent at dyi repairs and am trying to find out what size belts are needed (I’m presuming this is the issue, as I can hear the motors hum when “play” is pressed). Any help is appreciated.
      Thank you for your time and energy!

  6. I have one of it. in a good condition. If someone want, can contact with me. Email address- erzayev12 at gmail.com

    1. I. Have one needs some work but still in decent shape it works I will send pictures I’m out of Waco Texas

    1. Hi I have two selling one in good condition for its age and works fine if you are interested I can share some pictures and videos I am from Australia Melbourne.

  7. Hi I have a breakdancer Bd8000 in perfect working condition, still in original box. Location sydney Australia. If anyone is interested it is for sale

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