Philips D 8303

Philips D 8303

Ok, so styling isn’t a strong point with this boombox. Definitely one of the uglier boomboxes I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot. This is the Philips D 8303 MDHQ 5 Speaker System boombox. It actually has a few few different manifestations as I’ve seen it badged as a Magnavox D8300 as well. It also comes in different color schemes including green, yellow and white. 

Those who have owned it claim it sounds really good and has a couple cool features such as continuous play from Tape A to Tape B.  From what I’ve seen the yellow versions seem to be the most common but are also the most in demand.

Philips D 8303 Back

A Philips D8303 or Magnavox D8300 will sell for anywhere from $50.00 in average condition up to $200.00 for a box in excellent working condition.  The Philips versions seem to fetch a little more then the Magnavox versions and the yellow ones go for a little more then the other colors.

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8 thoughts on “Philips D 8303

  1. This thing rocked my world when I was given it for my birthday in the mid 1980’s. I didn’t think it was ugly at all and still like it today.

    It came with a belt so you could hang it around your neck. But it was a heavy beast so I only did this once or twice.

    It did sound great btw. I remember exactly how pleased I was the first time I played a tape on it. It was Van Halen’s 5150.

    MDHQ stood for Multi Drive High Quality. Whatever that meant…

  2. Thanks for the comment and info Funky! Yeah, I suppose all boomboxes are good looking in their own way. You’re right, I’ve seen a couple of them that sold with the strap. Multi Drive High Quality huh? Sounds impressive!

  3. Oh yes! Christmas 1987. The album I got with it was Diesel and Dust by Midnight Oil. The looks were a bit take it or leave it but the sound was pretty bloody good!

    1. I think I remember that you must use record on Deck B for it to use signal. I had an empty cassette shell that I would pop in and use to trick the machine. That way I could play CDs through it. Try that.

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