Clairtone 7978


The Clairtone 7978 used many of the parts from the Rising 20/20 but with a different face and branding. It featured a rugged look with the square mesh style speaker covers. Also notice the cool horizontal LED Vu meters.

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2 thoughts on “Clairtone 7978

  1. Big Up! I just got meself a Rising 20/20 but the look is more Clairtone 7978 than the Rising 20/20 from this site? Maybe they brought Clairtones to Finland but sold them under Rising? And the price! I can’t even tell it! The seller from that fleamarket did not knoe the true value 😀

  2. Busco información de un radiograbador, boombox, de la marca “Silvano” (made in japan), el modelo que busco era muy parecido al “Clairtone 7978”.

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