Lasonic TRC-935


This is the Lasonic TRC-935. It has the typical Lasonic styling with a lot of black, red, yellow and chrome. It was produced in the late 80’s. The clear plastic slider knobs on the equalizer tend to fall off and many units are missing some of them. It features:    

  • Dual auto-reverse cassettes
  • 10 Band illuminated graphic equalizer
  • FM/AM/SW
  • LED Vu Sound Meter
  • 29″ x 7″ x 14.5″
  • Digital Clock
  • Uses 10 D Cell Batteries
  • Two tweeters and two 8″ woofers
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One thought on “Lasonic TRC-935

  1. Hi there,
    I found a 1979 Sanyo MT4200 in the trash yesterday. I’ll get some pictures later. But anyway, this thing has a tape player, TV, AM/FM stereo, input and output jacks, and a whole ton of other features. I’m guessing it weighs close to 20 pounds.The only problem is that the cord is missing. It has a very weird cord setup. It mentions AC/DC or 12 volts. There are 5 prongs, 2 on the bottom that are larger and 3 at the top that are smaller. I have no idea what power levels supplies what. I did put in the 7 D cell batteries it requires to run on battery and it works. But I’d like to make a cord for it too.

    Any ideas?

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