Sony CFS-700 TranSound


The Sony CFS-700 also known as the TranSound is a rarely seen example of Sony’s vintage boombox models. It also incorporates some features that we’re very original for its time. The boombox had a built in stand and the speakers could rotate up to 45 degrees. They could be set at six different positions and could be detached completely as well. The metal tabs that hold the speakers in position also act as connectors so that you could hook up another pair of speakers using the speaker outputs on the back of the boombox if you wanted. Very handy!

Sony TranSound

The Sony CFS-700 TranSound was available sometime around 1982-1983 and had some great features: 

  • Auto Music Sensing
  • Auto Type I/Type II Tape Sensing
  • Bass Boost
  • Record Mute
  • LED Level Meter
  • Tape Counter
  • Mic
  • Stereo RCA Line out/in
  • Left and Right 1/8″ inch Mic inputs
  • 12volt DC connector
  • 3 position ISS Selector
  • Left & Right External Speaker connections
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 8″ x 8″
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  1. Where may i find a boombox like this one you have pictured. I would like to buy one for I have been looking for sometime. It was the first boombox I ever purchased. Any information will greatly appreceated. Thanks for the pics takes me back.

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