Sony CFS-9000

Sony CFS-9000

This Sony CFS-9000 is at the later end of the vintage scale but is still a neat boombox.  It is a component design with detachable speakers as well as handle. Anybody familiar with these Sony’s knows that their APM speakers put out a lot of clean sound for their size.  In fact the box isn’t very big and it only weighs roughly 19 pounds.  Here are its features:

  • AM FM and 5 SW bands
  • 40 watts per channel with detachable speakers
  • 7 band tuner
  • High fidelity APM speakers
  • Auto reverse tape playback
  • 5 band graphic eq
  • 8.6 kg weight
  • CD/AUX/Phone input jacks
  • 2 way bass refelx design
  • 7 x7 cm woofers
  • 4 cm cone tweeter
  • Bass ports
  • Automatic Music Sensor
  • Dolby B noise reduction
  • Timer Switch
  • AC, 12v DC, or batteries
Sony CFS-9000

Most of the Sony CFS-9000’s have a 7 at the top left corner of the main unit. It represents the 7 bands that the box has.  It also came with a carrying case and strap that you don’t see too often.

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