Pioneer SK-31

Pioneer SK-31

Pioneer didn’t really make too many boomboxes but one of their mid size offerings was the Pioneer SK-31.  It’s a nice looking little single cassette boombox that was introduced around 1979. It made a brief appearance in the last scene of the movie Christine.  It’s a good sounding box but most feel it’s better when run through external speakers.

Pioneer SK-31

Here are some of its features:

  • Line in/out
  • Left and right mic in
  • Mix mic in
  • Wired remote jack
  • Speaker out
  • Tuning/level/bat meters
  • Tape counter
  • Tape memory repeat
  • Music search
Pioneer SK-31

There was also a smaller version called the Pioneer SK-21 that looked nearly exactly the same except that it had only one meter as opposed to two.  These mid sized boomboxes are moderately popular and the SK-31 sells for over $150.00 in very good working condition.

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7 thoughts on “Pioneer SK-31

  1. Do you have a Pioneer SK-31 for sale? If so, what condition is it in and how much are you asking for it? I’m in Toronto, Canada so please let me know shipping costs too. Thanks!

  2. Píš po slovensky, mám PIONEER SK- 31F, funkčný, neviem náklady na dopravu.
    Kontakt: skorpionjasom at


  3. Tengo una bombox pioneer sk-31 totalmente funcional, mínimos detalles estéticos por el tiempo y uso, estoy en México cdmx.

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