Magnavox 347H

Magnavox 347H

This Magnavox 347H is an interesting looking little boombox. It has a kind of space age angular look to it that you don’t see too often. It was made in Singapore and it looks as though the speakers are not only detachable but can also swivel back and forth. It’s a single cassette with a 3 band equalizer and AM/FM bands. It also features something called Cubic Compo but I have no idea what that is. The little guy utilizes Automatic Frequency Control as well.

Magnavox 347H Back

You can see the hinges on the back look to be designed so that the speakers can swing backwards from the unit. The extra speaker wire usually means that the speakers are detachable as well. An interesting little boombox. And, while it may not be a real popular box with collectors it probably has some appeal to those mid century or 70’s retro collectors.

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