GE 3-5286A

GE 3-5286A

Another fairly non-descript yet popular General Electric boombox – the GE 3-5286A.  It does have some clean styling and interesting tweeter grills.  It also has nice LED meter lights.  It’s a single cassette box with 5 inch woofers and 2 inch tweeters. It also has the nice strap brackets for carrying it around. It was introduced around 1982 and retailed for just under $300.00.

It’s a decent sized box with dimensions of 19 x 11 x 5.5. It also features:

  • 12 or 220, 12 v DC or 8 D cell batteries
  • External speaker and headphone jacks
  • AUX IN
  • Mic jacks
  • 2-way speaker system
  • Dolby Noise Reduction
  • Telescoping antenna
GE 3-5286A Back

The GE 3-5286A is a fairly popular box and sells well. One recently sold in very clean working condition for $275.00.

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6 thoughts on “GE 3-5286A

  1. Just purchased the side sister to this box 3-5280C , single speaker system in pristine condition for $149.00 USD

  2. Looking for a GE 3-5286A boom box
    If you have one just like the one at the top
    Had one when I was a kid please . I would
    Like to have another Thank you

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