GE 3-5259A Blockbuster

GE 3-5259A Blockbuster

This fairly run of the mill looking boombox is the GE Blockbuster 3-5259A. It is one of the more sough after GE boomboxes and has good clear sound along with some eye appealing analog meters right in the middle of the box.  It was made in the early 80’s and was actually pictured in a scene in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.  It has a standard volume knob as opposed to sliders which many boomboxes were using at the time and would run on 8 D cell batteries. It also has a Line In if you want to stream music through it.

GE 3-5259A Blockbuster

The GE 3-5259A Blockbuster is a pretty highly sought after mid size boombox. If you’re patient you can find a deal but they will usually sell for $200-$400 in very good working condition.

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12 thoughts on “GE 3-5259A Blockbuster

  1. I have a GE 3-5259A Blockbuster, I work for a property management company and I got this boombox from a repo, it looks and works great. I am willing to make a good deal with anyone wanting this. Email me at ratrod73 @

  2. I have several of these boxes that I have been restoring. All have everything working except for good sound out of the Tape deck. i will sell for $300 each Pics on request

  3. I have a GE 3-5286A cassete player but the belt is broken. Would you like to inform me what is the diameter of the belt so i can fix it?

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