Akai AJ-C1 FS

Akai AJ-C1FS

There isn’t a lot of information available on this unique Akai AJ-C1 FS boombox.  It definitely has a nice sleek style to it and as you can see it has a metal door that opens to reveal some of the controls.  The build quality is excellent as is the attention to detail. Akai didn’t make too many boomboxes and they certainly didn’t build their name selling them either.  But, the boxes they did make were of good quality and performed well.

Akai AJ-C1FS

The sliders control Balance, Bass and Treble for the two-way speaker system.  It has a digital display that includes a clock, an interesting diagonal volume control as well as 5 station presets.  It has 3 bands FM,MW and SW as well as Dolby noise reduction. The Akai AJ-C1FS will run on AC/DC or 10 D cell batteries. It weighs in at about 24 pounds and is 29 inches long.

Overall the the Akai AJ-C1FS is an interesting box. Definitely something you’d want in your collection. They don’t come up for sale very often but when they do they bring a decent price.  This one sold for $400.00 in good working condition in March 2012.

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