Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite

Dynasty ES-555


From the mid-80's came the Dynasty ES-555 Disco Lite also called the Dynasty Personal Disco Component. I guess if you wanted to get that disco club feeling out on the street then you had to get one of these boxes. Definitely designed more for the visual appeal then the audio appeal it can put on quite a show when lit up. It was released in 1986 and was on the market in the U.S in the late 80's. The lights flash and pulse to the beat of the music being played.


Dynasty ES-555

The Dynasty ES-555 weighed in at around 20 pounds which is fairly light for a box this size. It was featured in a Madonna video called "Hung Up" in 2005 and her "Sorry" video as well. Lady Gaga recently used it in her video "Just Dance".

  • Dimensions: 72cm x 37cm x 13cm
  • 22W Maximum Power
  • Twin Tape System
  • 7-Band Equalizer
  • AM/FM/SW1/SW2
  • 10 Segment VU Meter


Dynasty ES-555

This boombox was branded under a few other names as well including the:

  • DIAMOND FL-990
  • COUGAR JR-800

These boxes don't come up for sale too often. Especially in fully functional condition. One recently sold for $1850.00 that was in excellent condition and fully functioning (7-29-2011).


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