Yamaha PC-8

Yamaha PC-8

 This Yamaha PC-8 boombox with classic late 80’s styling was part of Yamaha’s “Natural Sound” line of audio components. The blue, black, and gray color scheme made for a pretty nice looking box.  The white cones on the speakers also added a nice touch. This model, the PC-8S, not sure what the S stands for, isn’t a high end boombox but it is a nice performer. It was made in Japan by Nippon Co. Gakki Ltd and is the little brother to the Yamaha PC-9. Yamaha didn’t make too many boomboxes so they are fairly difficult to find.

Yamaha PC-8 Back

The PC-8 puts out 15 watts per channel and has two detachable wood cabinet bass reflex speakers. It also features:

  • 5 channel EQ
  • Dolby B and C noise reduction
  • Full logic controls
  • Auto reverse recording and playback
  • Phono inputs
  • Two headphone jacks
  • Separate recording level controls
  • YMS – Yamaha Music Search function

The YMS function allows one to forward to the next song on a cassette The unit weighs in at around 26 pounds without the 10 D size batteries. The Yamaha boxes aren’t extremely popular with boombox collectors so their prices aren’t that high. This unit would probably sell for $100-$150 in good working condition.

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