JVC RC-838

JVC RC-838 jw


The JVC RC 838JW Boombox was made sometime around 1978 and was considered large for it’s time. It’s measurements were 20″ wide, 5.8″ deep, and 12″ high. It also boasted what the manufacturer called the “Biphonic System” which was a binaural or stereo wide function

This boombox has AM/FM/SW1/SW2/SW3/SW4 radio bands along with two 6.5″ woofers and two 2″ tweeters. The “JW” suffix meant that the boombox could be used at 110 volts or 220 volts AC.

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10 thoughts on “JVC RC-838

  1. The RC-838jw came out around 1979-1980. Prior to that JVC’s big gun was the RC-727 Biphonic, which was sold around 1978-1979.

  2. I am looking to purchase a JVC 838jw in good condition. You can contact me at jbandalos at hotmail.com. Thanks.

  3. I have a well loved and well used JVC RC-838 C for sale. It has some wear and the tape deck is temperamental but it has been very serviceable until recently. A good daily driver, but showing its age. Needs a good cleaning especially the contacts in the switches. Open to offers. I may have the manual (in storage) and I do have the 12 volt cable that fits an automobile cigarette lighter.

  4. Regarding the above listing…you can email me at 4rontaylor at gmail.com
    JVC RC-838 C open to offers. I bought it new and have enjoyed it for many years.

  5. I have one but cant change the channels
    I am guessing a band or something like it is broke?
    Anyone know = advice or where I can get a part?


  6. I owned this JVC 838 stereo boombox for 16years until it stop operating. The last 5 years I had I used the speakers only as monitors. Tape stopped working. Overall, I enjoyed using my JVC boombox immensely!

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