Sanyo KBX-7

Sanyo KBX-7

Ok, here’s an interesting boombox for you. The Sanyo KBX-7, as you can see, came with a keyboard. Not only that but the keyboard is detachable and wireless as well. It will play either attached to the boombox or detached.

Sanyo called it the Portable Stereo System With Synthesizer Keyboard. When you push the boombox handle down the keyboard will pop out. Place the keyboard back in its spot and pull the handle up and it will lock in. It’s very difficult to find these with functioning wireless. The speakers are detachable as well. It has a line in that will work with an iPod as well as four radio bands AM, FM, SW1, and SW2. The keyboard operates on 5 AA batteries.

One of these boomboxes sold for $223.00 in average condition and a functional cassette. The keyboard worked when attached to the boombox but not in wireless mode when detached.

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7 thoughts on “Sanyo KBX-7

  1. Hi – I like your site. Just thought I would let you know that I have a Sanyo KBX-7 in red just like youyr picture. It works just fine and I have had it from new!

  2. Nice! I think the Sanyo is one of the coolest boomboxes ever made. It kind of incorporates everything cool from that era. The boombox, the synthesizer, beat mixing. A nice piece of history that will only go up in value over time.

  3. I am interested in original boomboxes made in Japan in 70s and 80s. The boomboxes I saw in USSR at the time looked just like this one. Would appreciate any information.

  4. Olá. Tenho um teclado deste boombox ainda. Foi só o que me restou. Gostaria de lembrar como encontrar a frequência na FM para ver se ainda funciona. Obrigado!

  5. Olá !
    Vi um deste antigo e inimaginável aparelho na casa de um familiar. Funciona mesmo!
    Existe ainda este modelo para venda ? Quanto custa ?

    Aguardo resposta


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