Tecsonic J-1 Super Jumbo

Tecsonic J-1 Super Jumbo


This Tecsonic Super Jumbo J-1 boombox was made famous in Spike Lee's movie "Do The Right Thing".  The character Radio Raheem in the movie carried this boom box around with him at all times blasting Public Enemy's song "Fight the Power". Radio Raheem's box was badged as a Promax but it is exactly the same box as the Tecsonic.  I believe it was also rebadged as an Intersound J747. The Super Jumbo isn't that well made and is light for its size but it has classic 80's styling and fairly cool light displays.


Tecsonic J-1 Super Jumbo


Made in South Korea the Super Jumbo features dual 8" woofers as well as a pair of mid range speakers and a pair of tweeters. It could get very loud. It also has a 10 band EQ, Digital LED clock, three beat buttons, 4 band radio and a karaoke sing a long feature.  The digital clock is something you don't see on too many boomboxes.  The J-1 is a large boombox measuring in at 31 inches long and 16 1/2 inches high and weighs in at around 25 pounds.  As you can see it has two cassette players as well as a Marantz style horizontal tuning wheel. I believe it put out 20 watts per channel.


Tecsonic J-1 Super Jumbo Back


Given its iconic status as a famous movie prop the Super Jumbo J-1 is very popular with collectors. Plus it's one of the larger boxes of the time and collectors , for the most part, feel that bigger is better. In good cosmetic condition and fully functional these boomboxes sell for over $1000.00.  One recently (8-2012) sold for $1250.00.  So, obviously these are at the higher end of the price spectrum for vintage boomboxes. They're fairly difficult to find as well which contributes to their high price.


Tecsonic MX-900


The Tecsonic MX-900 is a very stylish looking boombox with it's chrome and brushed aluminum design. Similar in some respects to the Conion and Clairtone Boomboxes. It features a 3-way 6 speaker system and dual cassettes and was probably from the early to mid 1980's.
It also has:


  • 4 Band Stereo
  • AM/FM/SW1/SW2
  • Dynamic Wide Range Sound
  • 5 Band Graphic Equalizer


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