Nippon FS-2424

Nippon FS-2424

You don’t see this boombox too often. It’s a Nippon FS-2424 which, despite its name, was made in Taiwan. It definitely has a different look to it.  It’s all black with gold trim, knobs and buttons.  Not sure when it was made but it looks to be the mid to late 80’s.  It’s big at 22 1/2″ long and 12 1/4″ high but weighs in at only 11 pounds which seems a little light.

It features:

  • LED Sound Level Meter
  • Dual Cassettes
  • AM, FM, and Tape
  • Extendable Antenna
  • Auto-Stop and Continuous Play
  • 117V and 220V
  • 25 Watts
  • Can run on 8 D cell batteries

I don’t see these very often . I’m guessing they would have some decent collector value even if the quality of construction isn’t that great as is evidenced by its light weight.

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