Marantz PMS-6000

Marantz PMS-6000

This is the Marantz PMS-6000.  This boombox is pretty hard to find – especially in good working order. As you can see from the picture it has a built in turntable! This Marantz was made in the early 80’s and retailed at just over $600. It stands out because it has a gold tone to it as it was part of Marantz’s Gold audio Line. The CRS-6000 was the standard version of this box.

The Marantz PMS-6000 also has a single cassette and AM/FM bands. It has dual VU meters and all the controls are on the top of the box. You don’t see too many of these boxes change hands. One sold in good condition, with functional turntable and dis-functional cassette, for over $1100 in March of 2011.

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  1. I purchased a PMS6000 2 weekends ago @ a garage sale. I have replaced the belts on the turntable & cassette. I can honestly say 90% mint. I would be interested in selling if the price is right. I can include pictures.


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