Marantz PMS-6000

Marantz PMS-6000

This is the Marantz PMS-6000.  This boombox is pretty hard to find – especially in good working order. As you can see from the picture it has a built in turntable! This Marantz was made in the early 80’s and retailed at just over $600. It stands out because it has a gold tone to it as it was part of Marantz’s Gold audio Line. The CRS-6000 was the standard version of this box.

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4 thoughts on “Marantz PMS-6000

  1. I purchased a PMS6000 2 weekends ago @ a garage sale. I have replaced the belts on the turntable & cassette. I can honestly say 90% mint. I would be interested in selling if the price is right. I can include pictures.


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