Aiwa CS70

Aiwa CS-70 Boombox

There isn’t much information out there about the Aiwa CS70 boombox. It was produced sometime around 1979 in Japan by Aiwa which was a very successful company in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In fact, they produced Japan’s first cassette tape recorder and stereo cassette deck.

The CS70 was flanked by the CS80 and the upper end and CS50 at the lower end. It retailed for 54,800 Yen when it debuted.

Aiwa CS-70 Controls

It features an Auto Music Search system that works with up to 9 songs. It also has a Karaoke Mixing Mechanism.

Inputs include:

Line IN
Recording Mic
Mixing Mic
Ground terminal
Player sync terminal
External antenna terminal for FM

Outputs include:

Line OUT
External Speaker

The CS70 has two 12 cm speakers and measures 490 × 320 × 135 mm. It weighs 6.2 Kg.

Aiwa CS-70 Back Panel

The back of the box includes the battery compartment and an antenna selector switch.

Aiwa CS-70 Original Box

The Aiwa CS70 isn’t an easy boombox to find. If you see one at a reasonable price – pick it up.

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