Panasonic RX-5250

Panasonic RX-5250


Introduced in 1983 this Panasonic RX-5250 retailed for $349.99.  As opposed to earlier designed boomboxes the RX-5250 had all its controls on the front of the box.  It also incorporated red LED meters on the front panel. It's a single cassette box with two woofers and two tweeters. Panasonic also marketed the Quasar brand and the Quasar GX-3652 is essentially the same box with only minor differences.


Panasonic RX-5250 Panel


As you can see the RX-5250 has quite a few features and is a very good sounding box as well.


Panasonic RX-5250 Back


The RX-5250's aren't that rare but they are in pretty high demand. Pricing is all over the place. I've seen pretty decent units sell for around $50.00 and exceptionally clean and functional units sell for $420.00.  Usually they are in the $200.00 to $250.00 range for a good condition working box.


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