Williamsons AIE 2000



Here's a pretty rare boombox. It's the Williamsons AIE-2000 Enviro Stereo and I would guess you probably haven't seen one before. While it may be lacking a little in the style department it does have one feature that sets it apart from other boxes. It has seven speakers. Yes, 7. It has four speakers on the front including a couple supertweeters, a speaker on each side and a large 6 x 9 bass speaker in the back. It was made around 1985 in Hong Kong and was probably never sold in the U.S.



It does have a Line In if you want to run your MP3 player through it and it also features:

  • 3 way operation - AC, DC 12v or batteries
  • 7 speakers
  • 13.5 Watt RMS
  • Direct radio-to-tape recording
  • 2 electret condenser microphones
  • Auto shut-off
  • Sleep timer
  • 2 4-way VU meters
  • Pause
  • ALC and variable sound monitor
  • 6 wave bands
  • Bass + Treble controls
  • Mic mixing
  • AC bias
  • AC erase



Williamsons AIE 2000


Here you can see the large 6 x 9 inch bass woofer that is in the rear of the boombox.




It has nice looking toggle switches and an "Enviro" switch which probably attempts to produce a fuller surround type of sound or wide sound.




The Williamsons AIE-2000 measures 19.3 x 10.6 x 5.9 inches and weighs in at just over 16 pounds.




As you can also see it has two mic inputs, a remote input and a line in. You can see the large bass speaker silhouette on the back of the boombox grill.




This particular box was sold in October of 2013 for $350.00 and had quite a number of bids so it seems to be pretty desirable amongst collectors. The unit was sold on eBay by dimbulb00 who sells quite a few boomboxes. You can check to see if he has other boomboxes for sale HERE. His YouTube video of the box is worth watching as well.

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Vela Disco Lite DK-7000

Vela Disco Lite DL-7000


Here's a version of the Vela Disco Lite that you don't see very often. It's the Vela Disco Lite DK-7000 and was made by Skitronic in China. I'm not sure of the specific year of manufacture but I'm sure it was around the mid to late 80's. It features dual cassettes and a five band equalizer.


Vela Disco Lite DL-7000 Lit


It definitely has the disco look that other Vela boomboxes have with the multitude of LED's. Most of the Disco Lite boxes are not really known for their build quality or performance but still remain extremely popular. I suppose it's because they visually represent the attitude of the era where partying, fun, and music were the priority. The box was built as a eye catching machine rather than an audiophile instrument.


Vela Disco Lite DL-7000 Back


It looks like the speakers are detachable and there is also a line in so one could hook up an iPod if they wanted.


Vela Disco Lite DL-7000 Man


As I mentioned pretty much all the disco lite boomboxes are in high demand from collectors.  A DK-990 recently sold for over $1300.00 and I've seen others sell for even more. The DK-7000 such as this one don't come up for sale very often so I don't have any final sales prices to post but I'll keep watch and post any sales when they happen.

Vela Discolite By Skitronic DK 3000 Personal Disco Boombox
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Vela Discolite DK 990R Personal Disco Component Boombox Works AS IS READ
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