JVC RC-838

Jvc rc-838jw

The JVC RC 838JW Boombox was made sometime around 1978 and was considered large for it's time.  It's measurements were 20" wide, 5.8" deep, and 12" high.  It also boasted what the manufacturer called the "Biphonic System" which was a binaural or stereo wide function.
This boombox has AM/FM/SW1/SW2/SW3/SW4 radio bands along with two 6.5" woofers and two 2" tweeters. The "JW" suffix meant that the boombox could be used at 110 volts or 220 volts AC.

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steve wang:

i looking for a jvc rc-838jw if you have one please let me know.

March 12th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

The RC-838jw came out around 1979-1980. Prior to that JVC’s big gun was the RC-727 Biphonic, which was sold around 1978-1979.

November 11th, 2010 at 2:30 pm

I have a jvc 838 for sale. if interested email burucsb@eventing.hu

June 21st, 2011 at 3:45 am

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